What do mums really want for Mother’s Day? 

I can’t speak for all mums out there, but I know what I really want! 

It’s the little things that make being a mum so magical
  • A day to relax. Now I don’t mean no dishes to do, no errands to attend to (the chance would be a fine thing 😉) I mean, just relax, at home with my boys. No worrying about having to get dressed and look ‘presentable’, no timescale to stick to and no plans to keep! 
  • A day to reflect. To look back on photographs of my (almost) 2 years as a mother. To watch the videos of Adam’s  first taste of food, his first steps and the first time he said “Mama!” 
  • A day to cuddle. A day when I can just sit on the sofa, embrace the cuddles. Let him nap on me and cuddle some more! All too often I have to stop the cuddles as I have to do something, or be somewhere. So a day when I can just stop and enjoy them would be perfect! 
  • A day to be pampered. A trip to a local spa would be nice, but a warm bath with a glass of something tasty would be even better! 
  • A day off work. Unfortunately I have to work on mother’s day this year, but I’m hoping I can still make the most of the day in the few hours I have before and after my shift! 
  • A handmade gift. A picture he has drawn, a painting he has done, a card he made…one that I haven’t supervised him doing. That would be the icing on the cake this mother’s day! 

    I’m a firm believer of presence over presents. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a Mulberry bag as a gift (hubby, if you’re reading 😉), but to me, Mother’s Day is about spending the day with those who made you a mother, the ones who you love unconditionally and the ones who you love back just as much! 
    Have a great Mother’s Day, whatever you’re up to! 

    Emma xx


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