When did we become grown ups? 

A (very) rare night out with friends has me wondering, just when did we become grown ups?

Long gone are the days where we only went out after 10pm. Now 10pm comes and we’re discussing whether we can manage to stay out for another drink or not!

I’m sure part of the reason that I haven’t managed to stay out past midnight since becoming a mother, is due to the fact that we’re baby free and want an early night!…. No, not that sort of an early night, an actual early night.. With plenty of sleep!! I’ve said it before in posts, Adam’s a great sleeper, always has been. But it’s still lovely to know that there will definitely be no little feet wandering in to your room in the middle of the night as they’ve had a bad dream/dropped their pillow off the bed/they’re too warm/too cold/need a drink, etc.

It’s also nice to know that your body can wake up when it’s ready to, even though when given the opportunity, my body still wakes up at the crack of dawn. 😴

Adam doing a fantastic impression of a parent with a hangover 🙈

Maybe it’s down to the fact that deep down I know that parenting with a hangover is definitely not fun. Especially not with a toddler to keep amused. I have done it once, over a year ago, and I swore I would never do it again! Lesson well and truly learnt!

We don’t have many nights out anymore. I could count on one hand the amount of nights we have been out since Adam was born, half a hand would probably do it actually. 😂 It takes far too much effort to make myself look presentable enough for a night on the town! I used to love nothing more than getting my glad rags on, getting all dolled up and heading out for the night. But these days, a cosy night in front of the television in my pyjamas, trumps any night out 🙈

Does this make me boring? Or does it just make me a grown up?

I can’t decide, how does everyone else feel about nights out, or the lack of, these days?

Emma xx


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