The friends you meet in the strangest of places… 

Have you ever watched the show Catfish? Where people have online relationships and hope that they are talking to who they think they are?!

Well, luckily, we aren’t going to be appearing any time soon.

I have to firstly apologise to my lovely husband, who has been ignored for the past few weeks, while I chat to other women online.

These women are the ones I talk to about dirty nappies, huffy toddlers, the need for a large gin some nights and when the other half annoys me (sorry Phil 😉)

Is it strange, that until today,  I’d only met a handful of them?

I talk to these girls almost every day, share bits of my life with them, yet I don’t really know them.

Today, Adam and I took ourselves up to the Junction in Antrim, where we met 7 mums and their beautiful kids for a little play date! All but one of them I met through Instagram!

The JCB Young driver centre was the perfect place for a meet up. With 8 adults and 13 kids to squeeze in, there was plenty of room for us all, as well as plenty to keep the kids occupied!

It’s funny how a few years ago, the thought of meeting up with strangers online would have petrified me! Goodness only knows who you could be talking to. But from sharing snippets of our lives online, I feel you get to know people, without actually meeting them in person.

This bunch of girls are at the other end of the phone every night, to keep me calm on the nights when Adam won’t go to sleep, they’re there to cheer with me when he goes to sleep like a little angel (like tonight, thanks Adam 😉) They’re there for giving totally non judgemental advice when it comes to all things parenting, and for that I’ll be forever grateful!

With my anxiety at the minute, it’s hard for me to put myself out there and meet new people, but these girls made it so easy today!

We’ve already planned our next meet up, plus one without the kids is in the pipeline too 🍷 😉.

So put yourself out there, don’t be scared to talk to that stranger, you never know, they might have more in common with you than you think!

Emma xx


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