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Mum guilt 

Some days Adam gets fish fingers, chips and if he’s really lucky, beans for dinner instead of a lovingly home cooked roast dinner.. And that’s OK!

Some days I stick the tablet in front of him so that I can have 10 minutes peace… And that’s OK!

Some days I consider sticking him up for sale as the terrible twos are a killer… And that’s also OK, as long as I don’t go through with it 😉

He’ll hate me for this photograph when he’s older!

Motherhood is a tough journey, there are lows, but there are also so many highs!

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So, you didn’t breastfeed, you don’t only cook organic food, and you’d give your right arm for a day of being just you, and not mum. So what?

I think we’d all agree that we’ve had bad days, but the good outweighs them. You are doing a super job, Mama! Don’t ever forget it! That little person thinks you are fabulous, and he/she is the only one that counts.

We all have different expectations on parenthood, and different ideas on how our children should be brought up. Our end goal is all the same though; to have happy, healthy children!

Be supportive to each other, praise the highs and sympathise with the lows. We’re all in this together!

Emma xx

family, new, parenting, Uncategorized

A little about us.. 

Giving this a go…  I don’t expect anyone to read it, never mind enjoy it! But I would like a place where I can put down all of my thoughts and feelings and adventures that we’ve been on. There just isn’t enough space on my Instagram squares! And if one or two people read/enjoy my ramblings, then that’s great!

We are a family of three who live in the beautiful North Coast of Ireland: myself, husband Philip and our wonderful little boy,  Adam!

While looking for a family photo, I could only discover one from when Adam was born. This will have to do! (note to self to get more family photographs!)

We don’t get much family time, due to Philip and I both working shifts, so when we do we like to make the most of it! We enjoy visiting different parts of the country, we’re lucky enough to have some beautiful beaches and conservation areas right on our doorstep, but we like to see what else is out there. And with the unpredictable Northern Irish weather, we need other options than the beach!
As I said, I don’t expect people to read this, but secretly hope that one or two will! I will use it as my personal space to share our highs and our lows, much like I do on my Instagram. I also plan to use it to give my honest thoughts and opinions on products we have bought and places that we have visited!

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, then thank you!

Emma xx