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Spend August.. 

No, it isn't a typo, I'm a failure!

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Woahhh, we’re half way there 🎶 … 

So, we're half way through our 'no spend August' challenge... And what a challenge it is! If you haven't seen my previous blog on what we are doing,  I've linked it here. Luckily, the Northern Irish weather has been on our side, most of the time, though! We've enjoyed quite a few sunny days, which has… Continue reading Woahhh, we’re half way there 🎶 … 

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The ‘Terrible’ Twos.. 

Just over a week ago, I uttered those famous last words... "We seem to be coming out the other end of the tantrum stage." HA! How naive was I?! After a few weeks of having our lovely, affectionate, attentive, non tantrum having, well behaved little boy, he has been replaced by a cheeky little monkey… Continue reading The ‘Terrible’ Twos..